Hawk's specializes in creating a safe and clean environment for gay/bisexual men to socialize and explore. It is Las Vegas' only gay owned and operated club for men. Hawks is 6,582 sqft and boasts 23 private dressing rooms, 108 private lockers, 2 shower facilities, California white cedar sauna, steam room, fully equipped weight room, along with numerous other rooms for play.

Hawks also sells men's body apparel, body jewelry, lubes, lotions, aromas, beverages and snacks for your convenience.

108 Lockers

23 Private Dressing Rooms

2 Shower Rooms

1 Steam Room

1 Sauna

Full Gym

2 Chill rooms with 50" flat screens

Blackout Room

Game Room

Free WiFi


  • Daily Membership

    24 hours

  • $7/day
  • Lockers $15*

  • Rooms $25*

  • Towel Service

  • 90 Day Membership


  • $15/90 Days
  • Lockers $15*

  • Rooms $25*

  • Towel Service

  • Our Specials


  • $7*
  • Early Bird Weekdays (4a-8a)

  • Military Men

  • Students


Hawks Gym Las Vegas is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year including all holidays.



Day Memberships - Good for 24 hours

Locker Rentals - Lockers are rented at 8 hour intervals, if you would like to stay longer another locker rental fee would be due.

Private Dressing Room Rentals - Rooms are rented in 8 hour intervals, if you would like to stay longer another rental fee would be due.


Hawks Gym reserves the right to refuse service/admittance to anyone.

No In/Out Privileges, No Exceptions.


Randy Lange


Randy is owner/operator of Hawks Gym, Las Vegas. Since its inception in 2002 Randy has worked vigorously to provide a safe environment for gay and bisexual men to socialize. 


Hawks Gym has a total of 23 private dressing rooms and 64 lockers. Up front, there is clean semi-large room that is called the smoking lounge, with a couch and TV. Just outside the smoking lounge stands the workout equipment, which they intend on adding to in the near future. Further into the club, there is a shower room, where they layed the tile themselves, an aerobics room, a meditation room, which can hold up to 20 men, a large clean room that has free billiards, darts and snacks in a vending machine, a gymnastic room, which includes a ballet bar and mirror and a few other rooms Each dressing room is equipped with a TV that shows various movies and videos. Having never been in a men’s social club, I asked Mike what the dressing rooms were for,”It is a place where they can dress and undress, dress and undress over and over again” He laughs as he explains it to me. They both tell me that they provide a safe and clean haven for those that seek one. Walking through the club, listening to them talk and banter with me and each other, I’d have to agree wholeheartedly. Up front, you can purchase various soft drinks, water (no drugs or alcoholic beverages are allowed) and other items, like body jewelry and massage oil. These items and more eclectic ones can also be found at The Rack, located just next door to Hawks Gym.



Acceptable forms of ID include any government or military issued ID, a valid regional or international drivers license is also acceptable if it is tamper proof and a has a photograph. A valid passport always works too.
No, we cannot allow our customers to purchase memberships without identifying themselves.
The club is highly respectful of members and we understand the need for discretion. The information you give us is for our records only and is never shared with a thrid party. You will never receive anything in the mail.
All customers must present themselves as male to enter the club. Their government issued ID must present them as male. We are trans-friendly for FTM's, but cross-dressing or MTF transevestism is not conducive to our atmosphere. We are a private men's club only.
No, dressing rooms are distributed on a first come first serve basis. We do not reserve dressing rooms in advance.
No, Each member must purchase a dressing room or locker upon each visit to the club.
It is almost impossible for us to predict member attendance since it relies upon factors that are beyond our control. The best people to ask this question are the desk clearks who work the shifts that cover the time you plan to visit. Feel free to call the club and ask.
Unfortunately due to privacy issues, we are unable to give descriptions of the types of men that are in the club.
Yes, we have a smoking lounge where smoking cigarettes and cigars is permitted.
ABSOLUTELY! Men of all shapes and sizes, 18 years and older, are welcome.
Regrettably due to privacy reasons we do not offer free tours of our facilities.
Cell phones with built-in cameras are treated as any other photographic device...use of which is prohibited at the club. No pictures or videos of any kind are allowed.


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Address: 953 East Sahara Ave, #35B 102, Las Vegas, NV
Phone: +1 702 731 4295
Hours: 24 hours


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