Randy Lange is Owner/Operator of Hawks Gym, Las Vegas. Since its inception in 2002 Randy has worked vigorously to provide a safe environment for gay and bisexual men to socialize. Hawks Gym has a total of 23 private dressing rooms and 64 lockers. Up front, there is a clean semi-large smoking lounge with a couch and TV. Just outside the smoking lounge stands the workout equipment, which they intend on adding to in the near future. Further into the clubs, there is a shower room, where they layed the tile themselves, and aerobics room, a meditation room, which can hold up to 20 men, a large clean room that has free billiards, darts and snacks in the vending machine, gymnastic room, which includes ballet bar, mirror and a few other rooms. Each dressing room is equipped with a TV the shows various movies and videos. The front desk offers various soft drinks, water and other items including underwear, swimwear, lube and other miscellaneous items.